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Belkis Trivino

About Belkis Trivino

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Even while growing up, there’s nothing I enjoyed more than to help others.  I am naturally a caring & compassionate person.

One of my earliest memories is of a neighbor needing to borrow a household item.  No one was home (not sure where my sitter was as I was between 5-6) I found the item she needed & lent it to her.  Then I walked around the house and proceeded to pack up some of my mom’s jewelry, clothes & other house hold items.  I took them to that neighbor cause “my mom never wears or uses these, so someone who’s going to use them might as well have them” was what I said to her! (needless to say that neighbor saved it all up and returned it to my mother later that day!)  I like to tell myself now that I must have intuitively known about clutter from even that young of age!

I am no longer satisfied to just work, I am now following my passion; it gives my life meaning & purpose and also helps me grow, brings joy to my soul & makes my heart sing!  Uplifting & helping people achieve their goals & live better productive lives is what I do best!

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